Day #1330 (Sun., Aug. 25, 2013) – Cardboard Cupcake Making Kit

2013-08-25-SlinkyKatie is back into playing with the slinky these days. She likes the way it “springs” back into action when you let go of it. The photo to the left shows a slinky decoration.

My wife needed to return some stuff to Kohl’s this evening so we bundled up Katie and took a drive for dinner. We went to Moe’s first where Katie helped us eat a couple of Joey Jr. burritos (she likes the wrap the best). She wanted to go to the Dollar Store afterwards but it was too late…it had already closed. While my wife made returns at Kohl’s I drove Katie over to see a fire engine at the Home Depot. Once we picked up my wife it was off to YoPop for a tasty treat.

When we arrived home I gave Katie a “Cardboard Cupcake Design Kit” that I picked up at the Dollar Store a while back. She soon ended up on the master bed with it while I went to make a cup of coffee. I didn’t even open the package for her and soon she appeared in the living room with a present for daddy. She managed to open the package, put decals on the cupcake cards, put the cupcake cards into envelopes and bring them to me as a gift. When I thanked her she brought me another one. I asked her to make one for mommy and she made one for her as well.

1) Katie made my wife and I gifts from her “Cardboard Cupcake Making Kit”.