Day #1346 (Tue., Sept. 10, 2013) – Flu Shots

2013-09-10 - Chalk ElephantThe photo to the left shows another chalk drawing on our driveway…a blue elephant. Not Bad…

I was very tired today after being up so late with Katie. Katie was all wound up and raring to go when I got home from work. I guess Margaret and her didn’t go anywhere all day so she was ready to “party”. I’m not sure if you can call this a party or not, but we all went to WalGreens so that my wife and I could get flu shots. Katie mentioned a number of times that she didn’t want to have another flu shot so we had to reassure her over and over that she didn’t need to this time…she got hers on Saturday.

On the way to WalGreens we passed the elementary school. Katie has a wonderful sense of direction and can sense it before we are even upon it. I’m just too tired to take her tonight and since my wife cannot drive after dark we’ll “pass” on tonight’s visit.

At WalGreens Kate was very energetic. It was hard to keep her “contained”. She did see a young girl in the line and asked me if she could go say hi to her. Everyone in the line smiled and was touched by this gesture.

Once we got to the counter Katie spotted some lollipops hiding behind the computer monitor…they were just at her eye level. The lady gave her a “fruit punch” flavored one. Just what she needed…more sugar…

Katie was fascinated with the process of mommy and daddy getting flu shots. I thought of making a face and letting on that it really hurt but I figured it would be better for Katie if I pretended how easy the whole process was.

1) Katie really liked seeing mommy and daddy get flu shots.