Day #1347 (Wed., Sept. 11, 2013) – Fridge On The Brink?

My wife called me as I was driving to work this morning. The fridge is on the brink and the temperature is rising rapidly. We brainstormed what is the best way to move forward. We need a fridge but really can’t afford a new one right now. Later in the day my wife emailed me and told me it is back working again. Go figure… Having said that it could quit at any moment…

2013-09-11 - Animal & String GameWhen I got home from work Katie was playing a new game that my wife had taught her. It involved wrapping some string around the legs of the coffee tables and throwing animals into the middle of it (see photo to the right). Katie got a great kick out of every time one of the animals actually fell into the middle rather than outside of the string. She would dance around with delight and took great glee at getting my wife and I involved in the game as well.

Later this evening Katie and I played a game of “throw the teddy”. We would take turns throwing the teddy bear and back forth to each other. As a bit of an experiment I would get her to go back further and further. I’m amazed at how she can catch things…even from a distance…at such a young age.

1) Katie enjoyed playing a new game “Throw Animals Into The String”.