Day #1383 (Thu., Oct. 17, 2013) – Katie & Daddy’s Books

When I got up this morning Margaret was in the living room with Katie. This is the first time that she has been at work in over a week. I said goodbye to Katie as I left for work and she groaned and continued to watch television. Not up yet I guess… Margaret took her to Spence’s farm this morning.

When I got home from work Katie was down in the office taking daddy’s books off the bookshelf. Not sure why she has taken an interest in those books…they have no pictures or anything. I told her to be careful with the covers…she seemed more interested in taking them all off the shelf as opposed to showing care for them.

2013-10-17 - Snacks For SchoolSoon we were both out in the living room watching television. I was watching a “Cooks Illustrated” episode on cooking Indian Flatbread and Katie said she wanted to watch with me. “I love cooking” she said. After that she said she wanted to watch the news with me. Daddy daughter time I guess?

The photo to the right shows some of the snacks that my wife made for Katie’s school tomorrow.

1) Katie watched a cooking show with daddy this evening.