Day #1382 (Wed., Oct. 16, 2013) – More “Spirit”

2013-10-16 - Framed PaintingMy wife finished her painting so we decided to go to A.C. Moore and get it framed (see photo to the left). We stopped off at Moe’s before hand for a burrito (I had their burrito salad). Katie was wired for sound tonight. So many times I felt like taking her home. We would try to calm her down but she was hard to subdue.

At A.C. Moore we took turn tending to Katie (who wanted to run around the store). Eventually we were able to get the painting framed and we left with a 40% off pumpkin carving kit as well.

The final stop for this evening was “Spirit”. Katie was asking about the manager but she was no longer working at the store. As usual Katie enjoyed roaming around and seeing all the various spooky things. My wife and I picked up our Halloween costumes (one thing off the list). I got a batman mask and she got cat’s ears and a tail.

As my wife was taking Katie to bed this evening she asked Katie if she wanted to give daddy a kiss goodnight. Katie took our her souche (i.e.: pacifier) and gave me a kiss…first time she has ever done that.

1) Katie took our her souche this evening and gave me a kiss.