Day #1381 (Tue., Oct. 15, 2013) – A Visit To The Farm

Margaret isn’t coming today so my wife took today off work to tend to Katie. Last night Katie fell asleep at 6:30pm and was up by 5am this morning. At 8am my wife and her crashed and slept til 10am. Katie crawled into bed with my wife and they read books to each other.

2013-10-15 - Katie And Helen With HorseAround noon my wife called up our neighbor Susan to see if Katie could come over to play with Helen. They were about to leave to a farm where Helen’s brother is riding horses. Susan invited us to go together. The girls enjoyed the trip very much (see photo to the left). My wife took a few books, so they read to each other. On the farm they got to see horses and goats. The horses enjoyed being fed the grass by the girls. There was also a play kitchen – Helen and Katie got busy making soup… On the way home they had some snacks. Helen stayed at our place for an hour (Katie and her played together really nicely) and then Susan took her home.

I mentioned to my wife this evening that Katie hasn’t mentioned the Halloween Store “Spirit” as of late. Apparently she did mention it today, but I guess that the visit to the farm calmed her down a bit.

I made cream of buckwheat this evening. Katie got a great kick out of feeding it to my wife. The spoonfuls were too big and too fast though…

Katie was very quiet in the master bedroom this evening. When I entered there was water on the floor. Katie was playing with it. Nice…

1) Katie and Helen went to the farm today.