Day #1387 (Mon., Oct. 21, 2013) – Drawing A Probress

Our friends from Charlotte came to see us this evening. My wife took them to the Hibachi Grill Buffet. I got an email that they might be running late so I went home by 5pm so that we could let our babysitter Stephanie go home.

2013-10-21 - Bat DecorationWe’re getting for Halloween as you can see in the photo to the right.

Katie was sitting on the LazyBoy watching “Eloise’s Rather Unusual Halloween” and eating TJ’s Rockets like they were going out of style. When my wife and friends arrived she had sunk down into the LazyBoy and was fast asleep. My wife soon had her tucked in bed…I guess this is going to be another long evening. Once our guests were on the road back to Charlotte we took advantage of the opportunity and went to bed as well.

8pm and Katie is up. Here are her words of wisdom for today:

“Mommy, can you take my diaper off? I promise I will tell you if I need to pee, or poop, or diarrhea. I wish I had black diarrhea, or white diarrhea, or grey diarrhea.”

My wife drew a rooster for Katie.
She looked at it and said: ” mom, you are not making any probress”
My wife replied: ‘Come on, Katie, I just drew you a rooster”.
Katie: “That’s an animal, not probress” 🙂

1) Katie is into “Eloise’s Rather Unusual Halloween” these days.