Day #1391 (Fri., Oct. 25, 2013) – Wild Kratts

Katie was up early this morning…7am. She was fussy when my wife took her to school this morning but I guess she made out okay.

2013-10-25 - Washable MarkersI have Roku on the television in the master bedroom. It has PBS and I found a television series called “Wild Kratts” on it. It is about two brothers who love animals and adventure and the show morphs into a cartoon where they learn about these animals and their special abilities. In this mornings episode it dealt with skunks and how they “pee” on their adversaries in order to ward them off. Katie was fascinated.

Some washable markers came in the mail today (see photo to the left) and Katie was busily working with them when I got home from work. She managed to find a permanent marker the other day, so these are a welcome alternative. That permanent marker managed to work its way to the hardwood floors, but my wife was able to rectify the situation with a miracle sponge. Those sponges are nothing short of amazing…

1) Katie saw a “Spraying Skunk” on Wild Kratts today.