Day #1405 (Fri., Nov. 8, 2013) – Replacement Nikki

2013-11-08 - Nikki's GiftsWe are becoming more and more impressed with Nikki as time goes on. Stephanie could not make it today so Nikki stepped in at the last moment to come over and help out with Katie. When she arrived she brought a nice coloring book and some Target crayons (see photo to the right) for Katie to play with. Katie refers to them as the “circle crayons” as they have tiny circles on them…I guess that’s Target’s logo. When my wife tried to give Nikki a bit of a tip Nikki brought up the point that she was overpaid for her services. She is quite a find…we are so lucky to have her taking care of Katie.

This evening Katie got into a dancing mood. She turned on the electronic piano we have sitting on the television stand and off she went. Earlier this evening she was whining and fussy. It’s amazing how she can go from fussy to fun in minutes…

1) We are so lucky to have Nikki babysitting Katie.