Day #1408 (Mon., Nov. 11, 2013) – Painting Spin Toy

I sent the real estate lawyer in Canada documents via UPS overnight this morning so it looks like things will be wrapping up this week. So good so far…but these things tend to have glitches and problems in the final moments before the signing. We’ll see…

2013-11-11 - Spin ToyAt noon today I went to “Five Below”, a store that I saw in one of the fliers yesterday. My intention was to get Katie one of the Toy Trains for $5 that I saw in the flyer. They were totally out of those but they did have this spinning paint toy that I thought she would love (see photo to the right).

The concept is rather simple. You attach one of the supplied cards to the bottom of the machine and twirl the paper in place while you drop paint and glitter onto it. An added plus is that it doesn’t need batteries. Katie and I had loads of fun (for only $5 mind you) making all kinds of designs. My wife said that it would be nice to put all of them together as a collage of sorts in a picture frame. What a nice collection of some of Katie’s artwork.

1) I gave Katie a “Glow Swirling Art Set” this evening.