Day #1414 (Sun., Nov. 17, 2013) – Exploring The Hallway

I’m still recovering from the cold/flu and my wife was not feeling well. This, and the fact that Katie just wanted to stay home and play with the kittens meant that we had a relaxing day at home.

2013-11-17 - Eating KittiesKatie has gotten into the habit of chasing the kittens around and offering them pieces of dry cat food. We keep telling her to keep them in the cat bowl (see photo to the left), but she will not listen. She responds with “But when I give it to them they eat it”. Those little critters can sure eat…we don’t want to have any of it go missing so we can save a buck or two…

Robin has taken a real liking to resting with me on the LazyBoy. He will climb up and rest on my lap. Even Batman got into the routine later today. Looks like they are gradually getting more comfortable with us and their new home.

This afternoon my wife and Katie and I sat on her bed and made wishes as the DreamLite splattered stars over the ceiling of her darkened room. I would make crazy wishes, like “a purple chicken that loved to do the waltz”. Katie would cackle with delight.

Given the fact that the kittens went missing on Friday we have been closing the door to the hallway so that they will not go missing again. There are loads of closets and hiding spaces in the bedrooms and it’s better to limit those areas… Well, today we opened up the hallway door and the cats were soon exploring it’s depths.

1) Katie loves to feed the kittens.