Day #1415 (Mon., Nov. 18, 2013) – Kittie Toys

We are having a hard time in getting Katie to keep the cat food in the bowls. She will take handfuls of them to “feed the kitties”, but when they don’t eat she ends up leaving the food beside them. Not only that, she will sometimes take the little treats and throw them at the kittens. What a mess… This evening I came up with a solution. She is to take one treat (as she calls them) over to the kittens, and if they eat it, she can go back and get another one. In this way she will get to feed the kittens and we will get a cleaner house.

2013-11-18 - Kittie ToysMy wife got three separate toys for the kittens in the mail today (see photo to the left). They are:
1) A ball in an adjustable track. The cats can see the ball and swat it up and down the track, but they cannot dislodge it.
2) A tube or cave for the cats to crawl into.
3) A “snake” at the end of a stick that the kittens can play with.

1) We told Katie that if she wants to feed the kittens she must take only one treat over to them at a time.