Day #1416 (Tue., Nov. 19, 2013) – Scared Of Ghost-es

Katie woke up around 3:30am this morning. My wife brought her to the master bedroom so she could see daddy. Katie said that she was afraid of “Ghost-es” (her word for ghosts). My wife and I have pledged to reduce her viewing of scary shows like Scooby-Doo. Even though she likes them they are not good for her sleeping habits. As my wife was not feeling well I took over tending to Katie so she could go back to bed. We read some stories and I gave her a “plate of all sorts of things”. After watching a bit of Caillou and playing with the kittens she was ready for bed. Lights out around 5:30am…

2013-11-19 - Nikki's Cat ToysNikki, our babysitter, brought a lot of toys for the kittens today (see photo to the left). As it turns out her cats don’t like to play with them.

My wife is not feeling well now so she went to bed early and I tended to Katie. The kittens love to come up on my lap when I’m on the LazyBoy and sleep…but Katie can’t resist the urge to pat them. Well it starts off as a pat and then a rub and then a play and then they get up and run away. I was the same at her age…she’ll learn. A scratch from one of the kittens will help her learn all that much quicker.

1) Katie got some more kitten play toys from Nikki today.