Day #1423 (Tue., Nov. 26, 2013) – Sick Katie

Usually Katie gets sick first and then my wife and I. This time it’s a bit different as we have both been sick and Katie is starting to come down with something. She had a fever of around 100 degrees this evening…but that didn’t stop her from asking for a present from daddy when he got home from work.

2013-11-26 - Cat BedThe kittens have started to sleep in the bed that my wife bought for them from Amazon (see Robin sleeping in the photo to the left). They used to prefer the LazyBoy but I think they are gradually becoming more accustomed to their new bed under the cat tree. Who knows how much thought or engineering goes into things like this…but given they are sleeping here as opposed to anywhere else in the house says something. Perhaps the material is just that more soft and cozy? Perhaps the sides around the bed are just the right height? Perhaps the various groves between the sections of the bedding are massaging to the body of a cat? Who knows…if they are willing to sleep here and suffer the attention of an almost 4 year old as opposed to being out of arms length at the top of the cat tree…that says something in itself.

It is amazing that the kittens don’t scratch Katie given how she tends to pick them up roughly and pull their tails.

1) The kittens are getting more and more adjusted to Katie.