Day #1424 (Wed., Nov. 27, 2013) – Colored Hummus

2013-11-27 - Cat ToysMy wife got a couple of toys for the kittens in the mail today (see photo to the right). Robin loves the “imitation bird” with feathers while Batman is absolutely wild about the springs.

It has been so busy and cold this week that we never did our weekly grocery shopping. With Katie sick today my wife didn’t get a chance to do it, so it was left to me to pick up some food on the way home from work. I thought that Trader Joe’s would be packed…but it was not as bad as I had anticipated.

First on the list, colored hummus. Katie has expressed a desire for it so it was the first thing to go into the cart. Funny…it seems that each and every day as of late she has been coming up with something she can’t do without. On Saturday it was watermelon, on Sunday cotton candy…today, colored hummus. My wife told me that she has not eaten all day so if she wants this, she’s got it. I made sure to get her some gummy bears as well…

Instead of a large turkey to cook we decided we would get some easy to prepare meals for this Thanksgiving. With my wife and I having been sick and tired, and Katie now sick, the last thing we need to do is worry about a fancy Thanksgiving feast. I picked up some turkey pot pie, turkey and stuffing in the freezer section, plenty of cranberries, and a cherry pie. That should do it!

1) Katie has expressed a desire for a new food every day as of late.