Day #1434 (Sat., Dec. 7, 2013) – Scouting For Christmas Lights

2013-12-07 - Katie's SignatureI tried to teach Katie how to write her name this morning. Stroke by stroke… She did an okay job for a three “almost four” year old (see photo to the right).

Around noon today I drove out to FiveBelow to pick up some Christmas wrap. While there I picked up a Jake And The Neverland Pirates board game in which the dice “pop up” out of a circular tumbler. Not sure if Katie will like it or not, but perhaps it will help her to recognize numbers as she spots the value on the dice and races her men around the board. Now the question is…when to give it to her…

This evening my wife took Katie to a Christmas Tree party at Helen’s place. I have a bit of a cold so I stayed at home to cut the floor off our closet. I need to see what is under it so I know how to proceed on installing the mirror doors we are thinking of getting.

When my wife and Katie returned we decided to go looking for Christmas lights around the neighborhood. We did see a few beauties…but nothing like the ones we used to have in the Cary/Apex area.

1) I taught Katie how to write her own signature today.