Day #1433 (Fri., Dec. 6, 2013) – Singing Jingle Bells

2013-12-06 - BiliboThe kittens have found the Bilibo as you can see the photo to the right.

My wife and I had errands to run this morning so Stephanie dropped Katie off at school and picked her up afterwards.

I can’t believe it but it looks like I’m coming down with something…and I was just sick a few weeks ago. Looks like it might be something different…perhaps what Katie had earlier in the week. Here we go again…

My wife and I were sitting in the living room this evening and all of a sudden Katie was up in front of us singing Jingle Bells. She has such poise and a loud voice and doesn’t seem to be the least bit shy. I’m not sure where she gets this from? Having to act or sing in public was one of my nightmares as a child…and Katie takes to it like a duck to water. I’m wondering about the Christmas concert coming up. Will she steal the show?

1) Katie sang Jingle Bells for us this evening.