Day #1439 (Thu., Dec. 12, 2013) – Daddy/Kid Books

2013-12-12 - Road Lights

My wife put some Christmas lights on the tree at the end of our driveway. They get their energy via solar from the sun. You can see them in the photo to the right.

I found out something rather interesting today. One of the “Hot Sellers” in books is Daddy/Kid Craft and Project books. In hindsight I can see why…

When you think about it, it’s very similar to how companies have found a market for children’s movies. They sprinkle humor and interesting tidbits into them for people of all ages. In this way parents will not mind taking their children to them as they will find something enjoyable in them as well…

In regards to Daddy/Kid books, if I am any sort of a gauge, daddies are probably trying to find thinks to do that not only their kids will enjoy, but they themselves. I would much rather do something interesting than do yet another round of “jungle animals”.

I’ve highlighted a number of projects that Katie and I have done in the pages of this blog. Maybe I should put them all in a book so other dads (and moms) can profit from them as well?

1) I highlighted the projects that Katie and I have done over the years.