Day #1457 (Mon., Dec. 30, 2013) – Monster Ring Toss

I’m planning on taking Thursday off from work. My wife is going to be busily preparing for her birthday party so I’ll have another Daddy/Daughter day with Katie. Not exactly sure what we will do just yet. Maybe go to Cary and ride the carousel and then to the Chapel Hill Public Library.

I made a bit pot of White Cheddar Macaroni with Hamburger this evening. As a special addition I put in peas, tomatoes, celery & cashew nuts. My wife and I both loved it…but I forgot that Katie doesn’t like it when you mix everything together. She wants all the ingredients separated so she didn’t take one bite.

Lucy stopped by this evening to give us a belated Christmas present…various gifts for the family. It even included a cat play toy. She said that she would return some other time with Zach.

2013-12-30 - Monster Ring TossThis evening Katie and I played “Monster Ring Toss”. It basically consisted of making rings (see photo to the right) out of the “Make A Monster” Kit I got a while back and tossing them onto the Palm Trees we also made a while back. I had to show Katie how to throw them so that they would land properly. She got the hang of it eventually.

1) Katie doesn’t like “White Cheddar Macaroni With Hamburg” when things are all stirred in together.