Day #1456 (Sun., Dec. 29, 2013) – Simply Adorable

2013-12-29 - Cats In The TreeThe cats love to climb the tree (as you can see in the photo to the right).

I put some caulking around the tub this afternoon. We are getting ready for Katie’s birthday party and all the people who will be coming over to our house.

Robin has started to exhibit more “dog like” characteristics. For example, he will play fetch with a spring toy. I will throw it across the room and he will go and bring it back to me.

Katie was simply adorable this evening. Not exactly sure why. Sometimes she can be so whiny and complainy…but tonight she was a real joy. She watched some cartoons in the master bedroom while I watched football in the living room. She didn’t pull the cats tail and happily played by herself for most of the evening.

Katie ate about five mandarin oranges this evening. Perhaps she is going through a growth spurt?

1) Katie was simply adorable this evening.