Day #1479 (Tue., Jan. 21, 2014) – Playing Batman

2014-01-21 - Red HeadphonesThe photo to the left shows the “Red Earmuffs” I picked up for Katie at FiveBelow.

Since yesterday was a holiday and today is the first work day of the week it sure seems like a Monday. No school for Katie today…Nicky arrived to take care of Katie. I drove my wife to work.

When I got home this evening Katie was rather fussy as she didn’t have a nap. She was interested in playing and soon employed both my wife and I to play with the Batman figures I got for her yesterday. We got out the playmat and as I read the accompanying book we would place the appropriate figures on the mat. I then handed Katie the figures one by one and had her put them on the appropriate picture on the book. Soon we were gathering up the villains and Batman and Robin put them in the Lego jail.

There is this one villain in the play set, Ra’s al Ghul, that I had never heard of before. According to the internet he is one of Batman’s greatest villains. Go figure…

1) Katie and I played with the Batman Activity Set this evening.