Day #1478 (Mon., Jan. 20, 2014) – Daddy/Daughter Day (2)

Today is MLK Day so I have today off. I already got my Daddy/Daughter Day for January in on January 2nd…but who says you can’t have more than one each month? Besides, my wife wanted to clean up her office and this seemed like a good opportunity to take Katie out.

First stop was to the Chapel Hill library to return Katie’s library books. We then went to Five Guys where Katie had some fries. Not the best food…but since Katie didn’t eat anything this morning this was the best way to ensure that her tummy got filled…she loves french fries (doesn’t everyone?).

2014-01-20 - Katie's ChoicesWe then went to FiveBelow to get a headset for Katie (earmuffs as she calls them). We got a great red set but she was soon off saying that she wanted something else. She picked up a white fluffy dog for $3.00.

We then moved on to Borders where Katie spotted a Batman Activity Set. I tried to see if she wanted anything else, but things were set in her eyes. So, off to the checkout with the Batman Activity Set we went. You can see both of Katie’s choices in the photo to the right.

The plan was to stop at YoPop on the way home but Katie said her tummy hurt (fries perhaps?). So, we went directly home where Katie was eager to show all her gifts to her mom.

1) Katie chose a Batman Activity Set for her gift today.