Day #1485 (Mon., Jan. 27, 2014) – Late Night With Katie

My wife emailed me:

Only one thing was on Katie’s mind when she woke up – “I want to get married”. When Stephanie came, we asked Katie whom she wants to marry and why. “I want to marry my daddy because he brings me candy and puts on TV shows that I like” .

My wife and I were both beat this evening. I had a bit of a headache so I went to bed soon after dinner and my wife woke me up around 9:30pm. My turn to tend to Katie.

2014-01-27 - Magnetic DollsWe played with her magnetic doll set (see photo to the right) for a bit and then to the always popular jungle animals. Katie wanted me to pretend that I was coming to the pet store (the dining room table). She would be under it and when I said “I want a pet” she would come out and help me. The game ended as we found parents for each of the small animals.

I managed to feed Katie a banana and some milk and put her to bed around 11:30pm but she was soon up. This time she had an apple and some gummy bears and a round of Caillou. Around 12:30am she was out for good…

1) Katie said she wanted to marry daddy today.