Day #1486 (Tue., Jan. 28, 2014) – Patio Snow

I drove my wife to work this morning. On the way she told me that Miss April said that Katie is a good girl but will tend to follow others when they do something bad. We are going to have to teach Katie that she knows what is right and wrong and don’t follow others when they do something bad.

Left work after 3pm today as snow is forecast. I want to get off the roads before those not familiar with driving in snow try their hand at it.

It was snowing on patio this evening. Katie wanted to go play but it was cold and dark so we delayed til tomorrow.

2014-01-28 - Ocean MapMy wife was tired so she went to bed early so I tended to Katie. Got out the “Gard The Whale” activity set we made on Sunday and started to play with this. After positioning the various animals on the “Ocean, Swamp, & River” side of the map (see photo to the right), Katie started to give necklaces to the various big animals. Soon she was up in the LazyBoy with a dish of “All Sorts Of Things” and watching “Kipper The Dog”.

1) Katie was very excited to see snow this evening on the patio.