Day #1487 (Wed., Jan. 29, 2014) – No School Today

2014-01-29 - SnowToo much snow on the roads going out of our little community (see photo to the left) so I decided I would not go to work today. I worked from home instead.

With the snow that fell on the ground overnight they cancelled Katie’s preschool. My wife took her over to play with Helen and on the way they met Gabby and her mother so they all went together. I guess they played outside for a while but soon ended up inside where it is warmer.

Stephanie came over for a couple of hours this afternoon to take care of Katie. Once Katie went to bed she went home.

It’s amazing how much bigger Robin is growing than Batman. He must be about 1 pound heavier than his brother. They have both sure grown since we brought them home.

1) Katie’s preschool was cancelled today so she visited Helen and played in the snow.