Day #1488 (Thu., Jan. 30, 2014) – Duplo Fish Cage

2014-01-30 - Fish CageI have a cold so I stayed home from work today. Nicky came to take care of Katie. They made a huge cage out of Lego blocks (see photo to the right) to keep all of Katie’s ocean fish in. It comes with a lid so that the kittens cannot get into the cage and eat the fish.

This evening Katie asked me if we could create a forest for her dinosaurs so I drew some trees on cardboard and cut them out so that they could stand up. Voila…instant dinosaur forest.

Atlanta has been frozen in because of the storm and the Trader Joe’s Trucks come from Atlanta so the store was almost out of food when my wife went to get groceries this afternoon. She also got some diapers for Katie. I would normally have gone but I’m not feeling 100%.

1) Katie built a fish cage with Nicky today.