Day #1491 (Sun., Feb. 2, 2014) – Batmobile Model Kit

My wife wanted to get some frames for some of the arts & crafts that Katie has done so we bundled Katie up and off to Michael’s we went.

Katie was a bit fussy so I told her that we would be able to pick up that 10 sheet book of paintings she has been talking about. That cheered her up…unfortunately, they were all sold out. They were everywhere before Christmas and now they can’t be found. We did pick Katie up a similar set with ocean creatures, but it was not the Super Heroes one that she was hoping for. No problem…she saw a Batmobile Mobile Kit as we were checking out so that went into the cart as well.

2014-02-02 - BatmobileThis afternoon Katie and I sanded and painted the Batmobile (see photo to the left). I told her that we would put the stickers on it when she got up from her nap. Once she was up from her nap my wife started to put some of the decals on the car but some were left over. Katie asked me where they went and when I suggested here or there she said “I want to put them exactly where they are supposed to go”. This was a foreshadow of the painting process later in the evening. When I painted one of the crabs a different color she pointed out that it didn’t look like the picture. “I’m particular and exact about these sorts of things” was her response (or something close to that).

SuperBowl Sunday this evening. The Seattle Seahawks demolished the Denver Broncos.

1) Katie and I built a Batmobile today.