Day #1516 (Thu., Feb. 27, 2014) – Whimpering In Bed

I was supposed to call our accountant when I got home from work this evening but I was so tired I went to bed right after we ate dinner. I think all these late nights with Katie + working + sickness is getting to us. We’re just wearing down.

2014-02-27 - Animal CagesAround 10pm my wife came and got me. My turn to take care of Katie. She said that she had just given her some warm milk and that she would be going to bed soon. Too bad Katie didn’t buy into the plan. She went to bed some time after 11pm after we penned in some of her animals (see photo to the right).

I was planning to take the monitor to bed but it started to beep. Too much noise so I just went to bed and left the bedroom door open in case Katie started to cry. Around 2pm she started to whimper so I went down to her room to see what was the matter. She was half awake but wouldn’t get up. She just whimpered and when I tried to leave she would whimper some more. I lied down in the bed next to her til she fell asleep.

Katie did ask me last night when she could have her suche back…I wonder if this whimpering is related to that? She answered her own question when she said “Maybe when I’m a baby again”.

1) Katie still asks for her suche from time-to-time.