Day #1515 (Wed., Feb. 26, 2014) – Romantic Batman Legos

2014-02-26 - Remote FootballTake a look at the photo to the right. I got this little device for my birthday. It’s shaped like a football but it keeps all the various remotes in place so you don’t lose them.

I dropped Katie off at school today. On the way Katie asked me why she could not remember the theme song for “Ruby Gloom”…the new animated cartoon series that she is into. I told her that it was a rather complicated song, that’s why. It actually is rather complicated…I have a hard time remembering how the theme music goes as well.

One issue with dropping Katie off is what to do with her milk bottle. She usually doesn’t have breakfast, but she will drink milk in the car. As I have to go to work once I drop her off the best solution is to put the milk bottle in her backpack so that Stephanie or Nicki or my wife will be able to find it and use it when they pick her up.

I was so beat this evening that I went to bed soon after I got home from work. Not only did Katie not go to bed til late last night, there was this little yappy dog in the neighborhood that would not stop barking. I was so tired at work today that I went down to the car at lunchtime for a nap.

This evening Katie asked me wife: “Mommy, I really want to get a Batman set of Legos. It’s so romantic! “.

1) Katie and I tried to remember the theme song for “Ruby Gloom” this morning.