Day #1514 (Tue., Feb. 25, 2014) – Two Cavities

2014-02-25 - Spiderman NecklaceMy wife took Katie to the dentist today to get two cavities taken care of. I guess she was a good girl…although Katie did tell me later that she cried. The dentist was so impressed that she gave up her suche that she gave her a prize…a Spiderman Necklace (see photo to the left).

If you will recall I fixed the baby monitor a while back. Well, it’s on the blink again. I managed to fix it again this evening but I’m not sure how long this fix will last.

My wife woke me up around 11pm…my turn for “Katie Shift”. Around 1am I coxed her to bed with the promise that she could pick out the evil villain that the Golden Pickle would face in tonight’s story. She chose:

1) Vegetable: Broccoli
2) Name: Elery
3) Power: Black Cat

Here’s the result… The Golden Pickle was out in the garden picking broccoli. He sees a broccoli moving in distance and races towards it. The broccoli, disguised by a mask, yells out “I am an evil broccoli and I pull other broccoli’s hair”. He sicks his cohort, a back cat, on the Golden Pickle who punches him in the mouth. The cat runs away and the Golden Pickle chases “The Masked Broccoli” down and ties him up. The Masked Broccoli then apologizes and says will never pull other broccoli’s hair again. He vow’s to go straight. Eventually he becomes a broccoli hair dresser and opens a beauty salon with the black cat as the receptionist.

1) Katie got two cavities taken care of at the dentist’s office today.