Day #1518 (Sat., Mar. 1, 2014) – $350 In Groceries

Often times my wife and I plan our day around the fact that Katie will have a nap during the day. This works out great when she naps because depending on how tired we are we can go for a nap as well. Sometimes one of us can go and get groceries or do things around the house. Well, that works great when Katie naps…but sometimes she has other plans…

2014-03-01 - Super MoeToday was one of those days. No nap. I was thinking of going and getting groceries when she napped but when she didn’t nap I just had to go and get it done. We were out of groceries and it needed to get taken care of. First WholeFoods where I got a case of goat’s milk and a case of apple juice. We buy them by the case as they offer a discount. This along with some other groceries came to just under $100. Next up was Trader Joe’s, where we do the bulk of our grocery shopping. This bill came to about $250… So, $350 for groceries. Ouch…

This evening Katie got a Batman Lego set in the mail. She is really into Batman these days so it was a logical gift to get her. We also fashioned a “Super Hero Mask” of sorts out of an old Moe’s bag (see photo to the left).

1) Katie and I made a Super Hero Mask out of a Moe’s bag this evening.