Day #1519 (Sun., Mar. 2, 2014) – Rabbit On Steroids

2014-03-02 - Spiderman ErasersI thought I would show you the Spiderman Erasers I gave Katie a few days ago. You can see the unopened package in the photo to the left.

When I got up this morning my wife and Katie were already up. I guess Katie told my wife that she couldn’t wait for me to wake up as I was “Her favorite person”.

I’m not sure what got into Katie today but she has tons of energy and is wearing mommy and daddy out. Eleri is going to be at school tomorrow so Katie can’t wait for that. She was in Atlanta for a few days last week.

Katie expressed an interest in returning the cats and getting a hamster…

This evening I wrapped our water heater in aluminum. They say that this will help us to save on our electricity bills as the hot water will stay hot longer. Let’s hope so…

I made 8 hamburger patties this evening and Katie loved them. She certainly is daddy’s little girl. I have always loved hamburger. Even as a small child Katie preferred hamburger over chicken.

1) Katie was like a “Rabbit On Steroids” today.