Day #1520 (Mon., Mar. 3, 2014) – Yet Another Storm

2014-03-03 - Musical Toothbrush

Another storm is rolling into town so no sooner did I get to work and they called saying that Katie’s preschool would be closing at 11am. I decided that I would pick her up and work from home for the rest of the day. They are forecasting freezing rain for this afternoon. Boy was that rain ever cold…

I found another cartoon on Netflix for Katie to watch. It’s called “Mickey’s House Of Villains” with plenty of Halloween characters so she loves it of course.

The picture to the right shows a musical toothbrush that went missing a while back. I actually wished it would go back to the “missing” status…the song is rather irritating and Katie loves to push the button and play it.

Later this evening Katie got some more Legos in the mail. Some wheels so now she can make tons of cars. Not only that, some fences so she can keep her animals in place.

1) Katie found her musical toothbrush…oh joy.