Day #1521 (Tue., Mar. 4, 2014) – What Animal Am I

My wife and I decided that we would take the day off and have a “date” day without Katie in tow. We love our daughter but sometimes it is nice to get away and recharge the ole’ batteries as it were.

We drove out to our old neighborhood in Cary and looked around. We ate at the Bosphorus restaurant and our favorite waiter was there. We were thinking of going to see a movie at the new Cary Theater they opened downtown, but they didn’t have any showings til Thursday. About that time Nicki called asking us when we would be coming home. We stopped off at the International Market to get some Lithuanian/Russian supplies and then home.

2014-03-04 - WalGreens StencilsOn the way home we stopped off at TJ Maxx and happened to see three little Lego sets of animals: Hedgehog, Bunny, and a Poodle. My wife was looking for them on Amazon but they were not available. We got a hedgehog and a dog set for Katie. Later on in the day, when I picked up my wife’s prescription at WalGreens, I got Katie a Stencil Kit (see photo to the left).

This evening Katie was all over daddy. I decided that I would dedicate the evening to her. I gave her a bowl of cheese doodles that we picked up at the International Store and she was all over them. We then got into playing games…

For starters we played a game in which Katie would get into a big box and I would pretend that I was Eleri. I would pretend it was Christmas morning and would come to open up the box and Katie would jump out and tell me what animal she was pretending to be.

The next game was when Katie would put a plastic toy animal in the box and I would guess what animal it was. Does it have four legs? Does it go “Moo”? Stuff like that…

1) My wife and I left Katie at home and had a “Date Day” today.