Day #1522 (Wed., Mar. 5, 2014) – Mermaid Doll Toy

2014-03-05 - Mermaid DollI happened to be searching the Amazon website this morning and came across a great Lego Organizer on their “Daily Special” section. My wife liked it as well and given the highly discounted price ordered it right away. Unfortunately it was sold out, but she was put on their “waiting list”. Not exactly sure what that means…maybe you get the chance to buy it at the regular price later on?

I went to the Dollar Store at noon today for some $1 supplies for Katie (see photo to the left). My wife and I were talking last night about how much Katie likes baths and it seems to calm her down in the evening and get her ready for bed. I got to thinking, why don’t I get some $1 bath toys for Katie at the Dollar Store to help “coax” her into the bathtub.

Well, they didn’t have many “bath” related toys at the Dollar Store, but I did find a Mermaid Doll Toy. Once we gave it to Katie it was a whole lot easier to coax her into the bathtub. She didn’t nap today and was becoming a bit of a challenge, so the timing was definitely right.

I got a bunch of other toys at the Dollar Store today as well. We will be dispensing them to Katie on a “drip” time schedule whenever we feel she needs one.

1) I picked up a number of Dollar Store toys for Katie today.