Day #1536 (Wed., Mar. 19, 2014) – Car Crash!

I decided that I would take the whole day off at work. I thought I needed the R&R, but today was not going to be relaxing in the least. You see…

Daddy was in a car accident today. I was waiting at a crosswalk for someone to cross the road and got “rear ended” by a young girl. Her air bags deployed but mine didn’t. I’m not sure my car can be salvaged. So much for trying to get the odometer to turn 300,000. Time will tell.

2014-03-19 - Toy BoatsI made an appointment this afternoon to get checked out. My regular doctor is not in on Wednesday afternoons so I saw someone different. I told her about the accident and she wrote me a prescription for WalGreens. While at WalGreens I saw a set of wind-up speed boats (see photo to the right) that I thought Katie would love. Only $1.99 for 3…and what a great way to coax her into the tub.

My wife was tired this evening so I tended to Katie while she took a nap. Katie wanted to have a “sleep over” near the main house entrance so I cuddled up next to her. We played the “Three Things Story”. She tells daddy three things that she wants and I weave a story around it. She wanted:

1) A black and white cat that said “Mumble Mumble”.
2) A black jacket
3) A singing wall clock

Here’s how it went. There once was a black and white cat that said “Mumble Mumble”. When he woke up one morning the singling wall clock told him “The witch did it”. So, the cat put on his black jacket and walked down the lane and soon he came across a haunted house. When he peeked through the window he could see the witch brewing a potion in a big pot. She was talking aloud and said “This is my potion that makes cats go Mumble Mumble…nobody will realize the potion is on the top of my cupboard”. When the witch turned her back the cat ran through the window and jumped up on the cupboard and drank a full dose. He then turned into “Super Kitty” and put the witch in jail.

1) I’m glad that Katie was not in the car when my Camry got “rear-ended” today.