Day #1539 (Sat., Mar. 22, 2014) – Duncan’s Birthday Party

2014-03-22 - Robin's BellMy wife went to a consignment sale this morning. She up a Spiderman Sticker Album among other things.

My wife and Katie were looking for words that rhyme with cat and Katie created a little poem: “Cat on a mat was sad and somebody pat the cat”.

The cats are roaming around outside quite a bit these days. My wife got a couple of collars with bells on them (see photo to the left). In this way birds and other animals will be harder to catch.

My wife’s co-worker brought her dog by on the way back to Greensboro from a dog show in Raleigh.

This afternoon my wife took Katie to Duncan’s birthday party. Duncan is a girl that goes to Katie’s school. They met at the Little Gym near CiCi’s and the theme was Owls. Katie had been asking for the party all day and when she finally got there she was rather fussy. I guess my wife had to take her out to the car a couple of times to get her a snack.

1) Katie went to Duncan’s Birthday Party today.