Day #1540 (Sun., Mar. 23, 2014) – Spiderman Sticker Activity Book

2014-03-23 - Spiderman Sticker BookThe photo to the left shows the Spiderman Activity Book that my wife picked up at the consignment sale yesterday. Katie and I spent a lot of time putting the stickers in place. As some of the stickers were old we had to use a glue stick at times.

This afternoon I drove out to Moe’s to get lunch for us. Moe’s chicken and burrito wraps is one of the few things that Katie will eat all the time. I also stopped off at A.C. Moore as my wife had a painting that needed to be picked up. I also returned some goods to Old Navy.

This evening I put a “Tom Thumb and Thumbelina” Movie on the television for Katie to watch. I also made her a strawberry smoothie…something she loves. As we didn’t have any bananas I used cauliflower as a thickening agent…that seemed to do the trick.

1) Katie and I played with the Spiderman Sticker Activity Book a lot today.