Day #1551 (Thu., Apr. 3, 2014) – Implosion Buttons

Nikki found a special on Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese at Harris-Teeter so she grabbed up some boxes for us. She said that this is one of Katie’s favorites. What child doesn’t like mac and cheese?

Nikki took Katie over to Helen’s place to play today.

I was so tired when I got home from work this evening that I just collapsed. Not sure why but I woke up around 8pm. Not even the sound of the workmen on the shed or a loud squeaky child running up and down the hallway could awake me…

2014-04-03 - Implosion ButtonsThis evening Katie and I were playing with the toy computer she got as a wee child. She would let me click certain buttons but not others. The buttons in the middle she named “Implosion Buttons” (see the white circle in the photo to the right). I’m not sure why. We dropped it on the floor and now the lights will blink but no sound comes out. Something more for daddy to fix.

1) Katie calls certain buttons on her toy computer “Implosion Buttons”.