Day #1552 (Fri., Apr. 4, 2014) – Little Miss Fancy Pants

When I got home from work this evening my wife and Katie and I went out to see the shed. The workmen were there so we went to talk to them. Katie got bored and soon my wife and her were down at the brook.

Once we got back home Katie would not let mommy and daddy talk. Every time I opened my mouth she would interrupt us. I kept warning her but when she would not listen I picked her up and took her to her bedroom. I told her that she could come out when she apologized to daddy. She cried and cried but it was not til I went to her bedroom and asked for an apology that she finally gave me one. When she apologized I explained the situation to her in more detail. A good side-effect was that she was more obedient during the rest of the evening.

2014-04-04 - Little Miss Fancy PantsLater this evening Katie and I pretended that we would be “Little Miss Fancy Pants” (see photo to the right). We took turns prancing around the living room. Each time we passed through we would pick up a new article to add to our “costume”. First a purse, then a hat, then a necklace, then a “pony” to ride on. She loved it and howled with delight.

1) Katie and I pretended to be “Little Miss Fancy Pants” this evening.