Day #1555 (Mon., Apr. 7, 2014) – Raining Cats & Dogs

Spring Break is over…time for Katie to go back to school. It was raining like crazy as we drove to school so I told Katie a riddle: “How do you know it’s raining cats and dogs outside”? Answer: “You go outside and step in a poodle”. Katie laughed and then replied “And when an elephant crosses the road it steps on a chicken”.

Katie didn’t want me to leave when I dropped her off at school. She cried and Miss April took her in her arms and said “It’s easier if you just leave quickly”…so I did.

2014-04-07 - Easter CraftsMy wife is making crafts for Katie’s class. You can see them in the photo to the right.

The guys came out to work on the shed but it was raining so hard they just went home.

I’m coming down with a cold so I was not in the mood for too much playtime this evening. Despite this fact Katie and I did have a wrestling match on the bed. She will get so physical that you will have to tell her to calm down and not to hurt you. She will dig her boney arms and legs into you if you don’t.

1) Katie was crying this morning so Miss April hugged her.