Day #1556 (Tue., Apr. 8, 2014) – Eleri Comes To Play

2014-04-08 - Eleri & KatieMy wife took a vacation day from work today and invited Vanessa to drop Eleri off to play with Katie. They arrived shortly after 9am.

The girls had a great time playing together. You can see them down at the brook in the photo to the left. Of course they got mighty dirty so they both dawned swimsuits and into the tub they went.

I was not feeling well so I took a sick day off from work. I had a nap this afternoon in which I had a dream. My wife and I took Katie to a restaurant and she was spotted by a “talent scout”. She had Katie do some moves and looked at how well she performed. She said that we should definitely take her to this person to sign her up for professional development (in soccer I believe). Go figure…

Eleri is still taking naps midday. My wife put them both in bed and started reading them stories to see what would happen. The first problem was that Eleri cannot sleep with the light on and Katie wants it on. Next they had a problem deciding who would turn the pages. Both Katie and Eleri wanted to do this…so my wife would let one turn the page and then turn it back so the other could turn it. With the stories over Katie still wanted to talk so my wife took her to another room and Eleri soon fell asleep. She slept for 90 minutes.

Vanessa stopped by around 6pm to pick up Katie. Katie and Eleri had a wonderful time playing together today.

1) I had a dream this afternoon that Katie was noticed by a talent scout.