Day #1567 (Sat., Apr. 19, 2014) – Katie Rides An Elephant

2014-04-19 - CircusWe took Katie to the Cole Brothers Circus in Raleigh this afternoon (see photo to the right). She loved it. It was raining so the weather was not all that great, but we got to see quite the acts inside the quaint little tent.

For starters we had to get Katie some food to eat. We thought some fries might fill her up (and she always loves ketchup). In addition a little cotton candy would be a nice addition. $5 for each of them… 🙁

There were acrobats and clowns, tigers and motorcycles, trained dogs and a man flying out of a cannon. What did Katie like the most? I think it would have to be that she got to ride on an elephant. It cost $8, but she loved it.

There was an intermission but the whole circus went from 1:30pm to about 3:15pm. I liked the fact that it was small and easy to find our car and get out when the time came. No “Three Ring Circus” but we all had a great time nonetheless.

When Katie got home this afternoon she appeared in her bathing suit in the living room and declared that she wanted to be an acrobat.

Later this evening my wife took a nap while I tended to Katie. Soon I heard these faint cries of “Help Daddy”. Katie had managed to work her way up the cat tree and got herself stuck…

1) Katie got to ride on an elephant today.