Day #1589 (Sun., May 11, 2014) – Happy Mother’s Day

2014-05-11 - Mother's DayAt 2am this morning Katie fell out of the bed and started to cry. My wife went to her room and Katie crawled back into bed and slept until the morning. She didn’t even ask for the light to be turned on.

Happy Mother’s Day. You can see the gift that Katie made at school in the photo to the left.

At 9am our neighbor Al called to ask if he could drop Gabby off to play. The girls played inside til 10:30am at which time my wife put water in our inflatable pool and set up the sprinklers for them. They splashed around and played and all of a sudden Zoey, the dog of one of our other neighbors showed up all wet. She had been down to the creek for a swim. They played an endless game of fetch with her til Courtney arrived to take her home.

Katie and Gabby managed to get into the chocolate cupcakes. They like to lick the frosting off them and leave the residue. I asked them if they were “Chocolate Chicken Monsters” and they would run away cackling with delight.

When it was time to take Gabby home I guess Katie accidentally broke one of the pieces of furniture in her doll house. My wife brought her home crying she felt so bad.

We had dinner on the patio and later in the evening Katie and I made a Mother’s Day Card for my wife.

1) Katie and Gabby got into the chocolate cupcakes today.