Day #1590 (Mon., May 12, 2014) – Super Washer

I took a vacation day off work today to work in the basement. We have a number of boxes that need to be organized to go into the shed. I set aside a number of boxes of toys that I have accumulated over the years. We can give them to Katie at various times when she deserves a “Special Present”.

2014-05-12 - Flower ArrangementThe photo to the right shows the new arrangement of flowers on the patio. The purple one on the left is the Mother’s Day gift I picked up at Trader Joe’s on Saturday.

It is often hard to get information out of Katie in regards to what she does at school each day. She will more often than not say “I don’t know”. Today however she proudly stated that she was the “Super Washer”. I guess they give this to designated kids on various days to denote that they are going to be helping to clean up after class.

Katie now knows how to work the remote control. She will sit in the master bed and watch “Scooby-Doo” and when the show is over she will push the appropriate button and queue up the next episode. My wife taught her how to do this.

1) Katie was Super Washer at school today.