Day #1595 (Sat., May 17, 2014) – Wedding Anniversary

2014-05-17 - Tired DogToday is my wedding anniversary. We decided that we would spend the day on a family outing. Here’s the order:

1) Strawberry Picking – Katie seemed more interested in feeding the chickens than picking strawberries (and patting the tired dog near the checkout…see photo to the right).
2) Subway For Lunch – Katie wanted to eat outside. She loves the bread more than the stuffing…Orchard Chicken…yum!
3) YoPop – Katie expressed a desire to go here since early this morning. She got a big bowl of strawberry frozen yogurt with toppings and ate the whole thing…she sure did want to come.

This afternoon I went to WalGreens to pick up the photos that my wife printed out. She is going to give them to Katie’s teachers next week as a “thank you”. Next week is the last week in which Katie will be a “Fish”. They messed up the order so I had to go back to the store and have them redone.

1) Katie has had a hankering for YoPop since early morning.