Day #1596 (Sun., May 18, 2014) – Sophia The First Beach Towel

Gabby stopped by to play with Katie this morning. Of course they cackled with delight when I started up my “Chocolate Chicken Monster” routine.

When Gabby left my wife went to bed for a nap and Katie and I spent some time reading the paper. When we came across a Wal-Mart ad for a “Frozen Movie” beach towel she wanted one (go figure). We now had our evening planned out.

2014-05-18 - Sophia The FirstWhen my wife woke up we headed out to the Wal-Mart past Southern Village. They didn’t have any “Frozen Movie” beach towels but the guy called up the Durham Wal-Mart and they said that they did. So, off to the Durham Wal-Mart we went. When we got there they were out of “Frozen Movie” beach towels as well (even thought they said they had them). We ended up getting Katie a “Sophia The First” beach towel (see photo to the left). She mentioned to me the other day that this is who she wanted to be for Halloween this year so at least I knew she did like this character.

After dinner at Moe’s we were hoping to go to Michael’s so Katie could play with the “animals that are not alive” (as Katie calls them) but it closed at 8pm. We went to Barnes & Nobles where Katie got a “Bubble Guppy” play set. I also picked up a “Which Picture Is Not Like The Other” book for her as this is her favorite part of the comics every Sunday morning.

1) We searched all around for a “Frozen Movie” beach towel for Katie today.