Day #1597 (Mon., May 19, 2014) – Flooding The House

2014-05-19 - Spot The Difference BookThe photo to the left shows the book that I picked up yesterday for Katie at Barnes & Nobles. It’s amazing that not more of these types of books exist.

Stephanie was sick today so my wife took 1/2 day off to take care of Katie when she got home from school. they ended up walking about three miles around our neighborhood. Apparently Katie walked most of the way…except for a small stretch just before they got home. This is great as Katie has tended to get tired in the past and you end up carrying her unless you have a stroller.

Later this evening Katie left the water running in the bathroom and it flowed all over the bathroom floor. Luckily my wife found it in time or it would have flooded the house. We asked her why she did this and she said she forgot. We made sure we gave her a good talking to and she cried a lot and apologized.

Later this evening Katie was bouncing around and happy as a clam. My wife and I noticed that she seems to be really happy after she has been disciplined.

1) Katie left the bathroom sink running this evening and almost flooded the house.