Day #1598 (Tue., May 20, 2014) – Graduation Day

This evening was the graduation ceremony at Katie’s school. We arrived just before 6:30pm and Molly said hi to Katie in the parking lot. Once inside we found a spot in the auditorium…right behind Eleri and her parents. Almost as soon as we sat down Eleri came to sit with Katie. They were starting to play some sort of a “tag” game so it was good that the ceremonies soon began.

2014-05-20-Graduation BookFirst the turtles, then the fish, then the frogs. They all assembled on stage where the teachers said a few words and then handed out a gift to each student. The gift was a nice photo book that highlighted some of the special events throughout the year (see photo to the left). My wife and I liked the photo of Katie on “Western Day” the best. There was also a group photo of everyone in Katie’s class…this will be a treasured keepsake as she gets older.

With the ceremony over we assembled in the playground area so that the kids could munch on popsicles and run around. I got the chance to talk to Eleri’s grandfather who is a lawyer at SAS.

1) Katie graduated from the “Fish” class this evening.