Day #1604 (Mon., May 26, 2014) – Memorial Day

Now my wife is coming down with something…we are one sick and tired household trying to harness an energetic 4-year old… We decided that we would stay close to home today and rest and take turns playing with Katie.

2014-05-26 - Search And FindThis morning Katie and I played with the “Search And Find” book (see photo to the right) that I picked up for her at Barnes and Nobles a while back. She is incredibly good at finding things.

This afternoon I went to bed for a rest and I heard some crying and whimpering in the living room. Apparently Katie wanted my wife to take her to YoPop.

When I got up from my nap my wife was tired and went for a nap. Katie? She doesn’t nap at all anymore…in fact she seems to be more energetic each and every day. We ended up doing some stickers in one of her activity books.

This evening I had a cup of coffee in my hand and Katie was playing about and accidentally knocked some of the coffee on the floor. My wife asked her to be more careful and we later found her on her bed sulking. She said that she was clumsy and was afraid that daddy wouldn’t love her any more. I knelt down to her and told her to look into my eyes. I told her that I would always love her, no matter what. It’s what she did that I might not always like, and I will correct and punish her when she makes mistakes, but only because I do love her and want her to grow up to be a wonderful girl. She gave me a kiss and smiled…problem solved.

1) I told Katie that I would always love her today.